The Use of Massage Oils and Creams in Treatment

In this article we are looking at the therapeutic massages and the use of equipment such as oils and creams in the treatment.


Why do massage therapists choose to use massage oil, in place of massage creams and creams?

The initial issue of option is the desire of the customer. Some people looking for a Chelmsford massage actually prefer creams since they don’t make the human body feel greasy. I tend to select oil more regularly. Once I wish to accomplish further work, oils work better for me. When I do deep tissue massage, I use less fat, because I can use more grip and get into deeper layers of tissue.

How would you decide upon how much massage oil to use?

It does not matter whether it’s massage oil, gel, or cream. The amount of the substance you use has an effect. If I’m performing a Swedish from a reputable company such as Essex Body Care (, rather than deep tissue massage, I use loads of massage oil, and I’m nice with it. A great deal of massage oil helps with all the long, modern, even strokes.

What about massage creams? When is it required to use them?

Usually I’ll use a massage cream on the customer who has had a personal injury or muscle spasms. Creams contain what are particularly exciting for an area of healing. There are some excellent massage products.

What specific massage products aid the aid of muscle pain or spasms?

Banner Therapy features a Therapeutic Herbal Muscle Calm product that’s a part of their natural skincare products. This is a muscle restoring cream with essential oils and Capsicum, that is the heat-making ingredient. With regards to actually getting into deep muscle and exciting healing the Therapeutic Herbal Muscle Cream is quite effective.

What about other types of creams can you use in therapeutic massage?

I use several of the new creams. They have different designs, and that I find they work nicely. Some massage products are designed for general-use in massage and provide a pleasant experience for my clients. One key concern with massage creams is that one person’s skin might behave very differently than another person’s skin. I am careful to pick a cream after I know it’ll work nicely for that particular individual and their skin type.

Another cream I prefer can be an all purpose cream I use within various massage circumstances: Soothing Touch Versa Product. It’s parabin free and for a basic common massage (as opposed to major deep tissue) this cream is nice for going just a little deeper. It is smooth enough that I don’t get stuck. It enables a float that gives more fluidity. After I want to I will get deeper with the Soothing Touch massage treatment.

What forms of massage techniques will be improved using the work with a massage gel?

Massage lotions are an excellent resource for use in deep tissue massage. Interestingly enough, a few of the lotions are much better than the products. They are usually consumed more easily and therefore are less slippery than creams. When the cream is consumed it leaves a little more grab for deeper massage work. Therefore, several massage therapists may choose a good gel over a cream for deep muscle work, if they do not use oil for this.

Any kind of other types of massage oils, products, or products you add into your therapeutic, activities, or relaxation massages?

I do prefer to use exclusive skin products simply for feet once I work on a client’s feet. Usually organic and natural skincare products are created to work well on the body, however it takes a specially created treatment to work nicely on the feet. I tend to select base treatment using a peppermint or tea tree oil scent. Tea tree oil is wonderful for fungus. I locate a solution that not only is useful for massaging legs, it softens the feet and seems stimulating and refreshing.

What is the best technique to get a massage therapist to take when it comes to which massage oil, lotion, or cream is best?

It is best to try new issues, and find out what works best for you as well as your client base. It is extremely good to get some selection in massage oils, creams, and creams on hand to be used on various areas of your body and for various massage techniques.